We all Need a Purpose

I have heard so many people hypothesize what they will do when they win the big prize in the lottery. They speak of all the wonderful things that they will do and have. They nearly always will retire and live the life of their dreams. A sad figure that I saw quoted in the United States was that the poorest 10% of the population purchased 47% of lottery tickets. If that figure is correct then that is a sad situation and a possible indicator that so many people base their hopes and dreams on the chances of winning the lottery.

Even if we win lottery, we have to have a dream bigger than ourselves.

A recently saw on television the story of Tyrone Curry who is an amazing man and sets a great example to all of us. In 1996, Tyrone got up at 4am each morning to go to work as a janitor in the local high school, was in the final stages of bankruptcy, living in a small house in a poor area with his wife, grandchild and four other family members. As he worked through these challenges in his life, he was fortunate enough to win the Washington State Lottery and received a total of $3.4 million dollars in winnings. The story I viewed was done in June 2011, five years after his huge windfall.

So what did Tyrone’s life look like 5 years after the massive life changing event?

After being informed of his win, he celebrated by going ten pin bowling, just as he did every other Wednesday night. Five years later, Tyrone still lived in the same small house, in the same poor neighbourhood with the same family members. The only changes he had made at the point when the story was filmed was to place a heat pump in the house for the cold winters and new weatherboard sidings on the house. He still arose at 4am each morning to go to his job as the janitor. He bought himself a new car which he was still using to drive to his job at the school and helped out in other areas at the school wherever he could.

One of the tasks that Tyrone took on voluntarily was to work as the athletics coach at the school. This role enabled him to get close to the students and assist them as much as he could. To help the students train for sports, he personally paid $40,000 to build an athletics track because the school could not afford it. In the news story they also interviewed one of the members of his track team who was being raised by a single mother and she unfortunately had died. Tyrone paid for his full school fees so that he could continue with his education.

Tyrone realised he had to have a bigger purpose than just hoarding money.

In contrast, I have read varying figures from around the world that state that between 75% and 90% of lottery winners around the world have a marriage breakdown and are bankrupt within five years of their windfall.

So why does this happen?

As shown with Tyrone, you have to have a purpose bigger than money. It appears that some people instantly believe they have achieved all their dreams and then find that something is missing. They keep trying to buy happiness, become dissatisfied, so they then try to buy greater happiness over and over again until the money is gone. We need to understand our ‘why’.

We can overcome almost any ‘how’ if we have a strong enough ‘why’.

This principle is vital in all processes in life.

Find your purpose and live with passion.

Dream BIG and GO HARD.

Andrew Batty

Making a Difference

Andrew is author of Born for This and currently oversees his company, Competitive Greatness Training, which focuses on coaching, mentoring, motivating, and training people to tap into their true potential. Previously, he was a senior executive in a large organization. After fifteen years in that role, he was not satisfied that he was not using all of his God-given talents and abilities. In operating his own business, Andrew is now doing what he was born to do, and is passionate about showing others the journey to do the same. On a daily basis, he now coaches and mentors people to live the life they were born for. Clients include business owners, business professionals, university and school students starting on their life journey, the unemployed who feel that there is no way forward, and people who have gone through the correctional services system and want a new start. Andrew has also coached others at all levels of life to do the same. He has a wife and three children, and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

For further resources, or if you would like to make contact with Andrew, please go to andrewbatty.com



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