To be Successful David needed Goliath

I am sure you have all heard the story of David and Goliath. The young shepherd boy who fought the 9 ft giant with only a slingshot as the rest of his army stood too afraid to fight. Not only did David defeat the Goliath but he chopped of his head and gave confidence to the rest of the army who then sprung into action and attacked and defeated the Philistine army.

What happened after this great victory was something that movies are made of. David went from being the lowly shepherd boy, tending to his father’s sheep, to marrying the Kings daughter and living in the Kings palace. Just to make the movie even better, he eventually become King of Israel. What a meteoric rise.

The reality is that without Goliath, David would possibly have remained out in the desert tending to his father’s sheep. When the opportunity arose, he chose to have faith in his abilities and his beliefs, and take on the challenge before him. He had previously defeated lions and bears protecting his sheep and now this was just one more enemy to be defeated.

In my experience of mentoring people in all walks of life, I believe that all of us have opportunities in life to step up and meet the challenge which could prove life changing. Sadly not everyone chooses to accept these challenges and remains in jobs they hate, living in houses they can’t afford, living lives that make them miserable. They see success as something that is miles away or just reserved for someone else.

This is NOT TRUE. Success can be yours if you choose the right path. Like David, opportunities will come up in life to stand up and make a difference. In every situation, look for the opportunities and not just the challenges. They will be there.

If you believe that you are not skilled enough, then take action now so you will be ready next time. There will be a next time. But don’t wait too long because life is short and not to be wasted. Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is the real show so take it by the throat and fulfil your potential.

Live with passion and enjoy the journey.

Dream BIG and then go HARD.

Andrew is author of Born for This and currently oversees his company, Competitive Greatness Training, which focuses on coaching, mentoring, motivating, and training people to tap into their true potential. Previously, he was a senior executive in a large organization. After fifteen years in that role, he was not satisfied that he was not using all of his God-given talents and abilities. In operating his own business, Andrew is now doing what he was born to do, and is passionate about showing others the journey to do the same. On a daily basis, he now coaches and mentors people to live the life they were born for. Clients include business owners, business professionals, university and school students starting on their life journey, the unemployed who feel that there is no way forward, and people who have gone through the correctional services system and want a new start. Andrew has also coached others at all levels of life to do the same. He has a wife and three children, and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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