Secrets to Success in Job Seeking



After many years of training people at all levels of management to advertise positions, short list candidates, conduct interviews, contact referees, employ and induct the successful candidates, I have developed a set of key proven secrets for getting the job you want.

With my coaching and mentoring clients I have used my process to change lives. My clients have gladly paid substantial amounts of money to learn the secrets that I have developed.

In my desire to help more people reach their goals, I am now offering my employment system in an easy-to-understand guide to help you get the job that you really want.
The aim is to create a structured process that you can follow step by step.
There is no doubt the system works if you are committed to the process and will take the time to prepare for the job you want. Having success in the employment process very rarely happens by accident. There are occasions when people ‘know someone’ and manage to get positions with little effort. Other times a candidate may simply ‘hit it off’ with the hiring manager.

But in today’s intensely competitive job market, you cannot leave anything to chance. You know that when you apply for a position, it is likely that your resume will go onto a pile of ten or twenty or even a hundred others. Hiring managers are looking for ways to thin the herd. They want to focus only on a few serious candidates. You need to be certain that you are at the top of the list. I can help you get there.

I can’t guarantee you’ll be hired, but I’ll give you the insights and tools you need to develop the career for which you are destined. In this guide we will look at following your passion and finding the right job for you in the first chapter, before moving into the process of teaching you the secrets of getting the job you really want.
Andrew Batty
Competitive Greatness Training
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