School Programs

The Competitive Greatness Training school based programs focus in a number of areas and are tailored to meet the needs of the year level of the students and teachers.

These programs include:
* Leadership for Life (for all year levels and teachers)
* Success in Job Seeking (Senior Levels)
* Surviving and Thriving in VCE (Senior levels)
* Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour (all year levels)
* Preparing for the Workforce (Senior Levels)
* Dealing with Stress (Senior Levels)
* Prioritising for Success (Senior Levels)
* Mentoring for Success (Teachers)

A key focus of the programs is to assist students develop their skills and abilities to be successful at school and in their personal life outside and beyond school.

Teacher Mentoring Programs
Competitive Greatness Training currently offer mentoring services face to face on-site, or at a venue of the clients choosing. Alternatively, meetings are offered via Skype or similar technology to ensure immediate contact ability if required. Availability for these services is dependent on the clients expectations and agreements reached. I also stress that I can personally conduct all sessions to ensure maximum impact and confidentiality but Competitive Greatness Training also has the services of chaplains and qualified counsellors on staff if considered relevant at any stage.

The skills we bring to an organisation is in the expertise to bring out the best in students and teachers on a personal level which I believe then translates to peak performance in the field of their current and future endeavours. Our vast and varied experience with people at all levels of society gives me every confidence that we could add value to the programs currently provided in developing people if I was considered a correct fit.

For further information, feel free to contact me personally (Andrew Batty) direct on 0432 981 921, or email at

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