Competitive Greatness Training

Competitive Greatness Training is a company founded by Andrew Batty and is truly passionate about developing people to aspire to their true potential. The company commenced in 2008 but was developed through years of research and experience in many areas of business combined with assisting people find their passion, strive for it, and achieve it faster than they ever thought possible.

Life is a journey and it is easy to take the road to mediocrity rather than the high road to achieving your destiny which is rightfully yours. People will put you down and steal your dreams. we are STEALING THEM BACKā€¦ and presenting them as our gift to you.

Not only will we help you rediscover you dreams, we will also provide the manual on how to achieve your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

At Competitive Greatness we will encourage, inspire, develop and motivate you to reach your destiny while enjoying the journey.

The truth is inside you and if the door is locked, we will provide the key.

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