Born For This

Is your life simply fine, but hardly fantastic? When it comes to your daily existence, are you somewhat dissatisfied, while you dream of one that would make you truly gratified? Now, one of Australia’s leading motivational experts, Andrew Batty, lays out the information and inspiration you need to get from a life that is at best acceptable to one that is truly exceptional. Born for This: The Journey to Becoming You, his easy to read guide to a greater life, will move you to tap into your true potential. It’s certain to resonate with anyone who is less than enthused with his or her current lot in life—and hopes for a whole lot more.

Born for This: The Journey to Becoming You operates from the premise that we all have skills and abilities that come naturally to us, and that we were born to do. Through illuminating examples, simple behavioral strategies, and invaluable tools, this straightforward, easy-to-read book encourages readers to rediscover these dreams and to make plans to move towards them. By going through the stages, step by step, this life-changing game plan will lead anyone towards a more meaningful, enjoyable life.

First, Batty explains how to wake up every morning and say "I was Born for This." He then challenges you to envision your ideal life. Once this vision is clearly established, the strategies and tools are presented to move you towards that vision, including establishing priorities; time management; overcoming barriers; identifying opportunities; monitoring progress; and staying on track.

Challenging and humorous, this results-driven, concise roadmap draws from the life experiences of Batty and others to reveal a direct course of action to forging a new, exciting life, as well as a meaningful legacy. No matter what your age is, or your past struggles have been, Born for This: The Journey to Becoming You will help you emerge from being underwhelmed to becoming overjoyed. For further information, go to

"Your book made me think about another long-term project, look at myself and my future. MY future. To realise what I want from my life and how I want it. But what the most important is: to start acting and thinking about where my current life style and work are taking me."
(Olivia, Melbourne, Australia)

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